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We have a network of over 20 manufacturers with diverse capabilities in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. These are manufacturers we have worked with for 10+ years, who we can vouch for, and you can depend on, when it comes to experience, quality and delivery.


However, not every product is able to be manufactured under this umbrella and sometimes we have to source outside of our network. You can trust us to find and qualify a responsible manufacturer that you can depend on. 


Multiple sources with diverse and same capabilities means wider selection and competitive prices. We try to quote every project with a minimum of two manufacturers. 


We track labor costs, raw material prices and other factors that affect what you pay. We also work with the manufacturer to help you understand price breaks (manufacturing options, volumes, etc.).



With teams on the ground, we have a pair of eyes in the factory at all times. We also make several trips a year to maintain relationships and track projects. Through constant communication, we make sure your project is on schedule, made right and delivered without issue. 


We work with you to develop an inspection checklist for every product and order, and conduct quality control checks at each stage of the manufacturing process. You will receive pictures throughout production, so you can rest assured your specifications and critical requirements are met. Before the last box is packed up or the container closes, you will receive a summary inspection. 


We work with your freight forwarder to ensure the seamless delivery of your product.  From setting up shipments to sending documents, we are involved as you would like us to be. Don’t have a forwarder? We can connect you. 

The import process can be daunting. We have a licensed customs broker on staff who can help you understand the process and answer questions. 


We dedicate a limited amount of time to helping US manufacturers improve their operations. We specialize in helping furniture manufacturers organize and integrate their manufacturing and support processes, and focus their operations on producing product more effectively, efficiently and profitably. 


We use a process based approach that involves developing and using data to make decisions related to design, engineering and manufacturing, as well as company direction. 


Measurements, goals, training, employee involvement and developing ownership in individual processes are just some of the key elements!

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